Deterring 97% of
intruders at ranches without human intervention.

Do more than react to crime.
Proactive Solutions Combining AI and Human Intellect

Smart Device Compatibility & Mobile App

Access to your surveillance video, metrics, and functionality from anywhere.

Incident Reporting and Monthly Summaries

Review links to footage and full details of when each tracked incident occurred.

Video Analytics & Dashboard

Behavioral checks will identify high traffic areas, human compliance, and job site performance for efficient management.

Dedicated Surveillance Team

Dependable 24/7 monitoring for consistent response to events within 18 seconds.

Protecting ranch and farmland presents unique challenges that are rarely understood by security solution providers. With larger property sizes and varying degrees of power access, protecting the front gate, perimeter, and commodities of any ranch or farmland can prove difficult. Selecting the right solution that can actively protect through comprehensive monitoring and surveillance can be the difference maker, offering peace of mind when no one is physically present.

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