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I already have a camera system in place, isn’t that good enough to protect my business or property?

A camera only helps catch a perpetrator after the fact and cannot ensure your property’s safety. However, taking preventative measures like Virtual Security’s monitoring and surveillance will ensure a swift and rapid response to prevent theft, abuse, neglect and vandalism. We guarantee it.

I already have a security firm in place. Why would I go through the hassle to switch service providers?

The greatest benefit that we offer, aside from our guaranteed protection, is no installation and zero hassle to start up. Our software integrates with over 95 percent of camera systems on the market so we won’t need to do any installations or add any hardware to your existing system. Everything is done off site. This separates us from most of our competition, who usually need to install a whole new system to be able to monitor it.

I understand that having a camera doesn’t insure against criminal activity. However, I also have a sophisticated alarm system. Shouldn’t that leave me fully protected from crime?

Perpetrators are often able to bypass even the most sophisticated alarms (as is the case with most inside jobs or culprits with familiarity with alarm systems). More importantly, when our agent sees suspicious activity around a property and alerts the police as a licensed and recognized security firm, it is considered a priority 1 — an active robbery — and police respond to it as an emergency, 18-20 minutes faster than a regular alarm system alert (which comes in as a priority 3).

I was thinking about hiring a security guard for my property. Please explain to me how this service compares to an actual guard.

Not only is our service on par with a hired guard, there are actually a number of added protections that our service provides.

  • We always have multiple agents watching the screens. That’s at least double the manpower at all times. Triple really, when you include the virtual patrol our software offers to make sure no cameras are down.
  • Since our software is doing half the work and our agents are monitoring multiple camera systems, they remain alert and aware and are not vulnerable to the boredom and fatigue that a live security guard may experience.
  • Our pricing. The cost of hiring a security guard ranges anywhere from $13-$20 per hour. That is at least double the cost more per month than our rates. With Virtual Security, you are receiving everything a live security guard provides, plus more, for a fraction of the price.

I’ve seen other services being offered that are similar to yours. What separates you from your competition?

Service at Virtual Security is unparalleled. Our software ensures that our clients’ security is the latest and most efficient available on the market today. It’s capable of doing more – such as the virtual patrol – and gives us the ability to integrate with existing systems with no hassle to you, the customer. Our cutting-edge technology, allows us to provide better service than our competition, using your own cameras, at a much lower cost to you. We also offer customized packages and options, so you can choose the exact service you wish to receive.
Plus, with over a decade of experience in the field of security, you can rest assured that your premises are being secured by a company that knows what it’s doing.

Why would I want you guys to have access to our all our cameras? We care about our privacy!

The short answer is, we don’t. Our agents are completely locked out of your on-site cameras, and only receive video feed once motion is detected. Only then, at the time of a potential emergency, do we have access. You can also opt for our nights-only option, so we’ll only have access to your account during nighttime hours.

What other services do you provide aside from surveillance and monitoring?

In addition to the offsite surveillance and virtual patrol services, we also offer:

  • Low cost installation of cameras and alarms as needed.
  • Remote access to any security relay features (which we can install as needed at minimum cost). Whether it’s sirens, intercoms, two-way speaker systems (which can be used for a “talk down”), we can utilize these tools as soon as we detect any sort of suspicious activity around your premises to warn the perpetrator(s) that we are watching and the police are on the way.
  • Another perk is our ability to provide remote access to doors for deliveries, night employees, scheduled visitors or others as needed so you can manage your properties from wherever you are.

What happens if the power goes out?

Our servers and power sources are equipped with multiple backups – battery backups and generators. It is essentially impossible for our system to experience an outage. If you were to somehow lose access to your video files (one common example; an inside job where the perpetrator knows the layout and just takes the entire DVR), all your video files will be backed up by our server.